Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day Brighteners

The weekend is almost here! Here are a few things that are brightening my otherwise very busy day:

It's A and my two year anniversary! I knew he was a winner when I asked him to dress up as Lilly Pulitzer day with me for a Holiday themed date function and he said, "sure, I have pastel pants." We are celebrating with a fun Friday night dinner tomorrow at Public. Looking forward to trying it!

My best friend from UVA, AB, wrote me the sweetest happy birthday blog post on her new blog Charlottesville to DC. When we're together, we can never stop laughing, and I greatly miss our lunch dates in-between class.

My Dad sent me some funny pictures he captured awhile ago of me and one of my other besties, CM, chatting in the my kitchen. Clearly proof that the Portuguese and Italian come out, and we both talk with our hands.

I saw the cutest French bulldog this morning in our building. This is kind of embarrassing but since A is allergic to dogs, I fantasize about having a French bulldog named Ronald and talk about it all the time. Now whenever we see Frenchies in the city, A and I will look at each other and say Ronald!!
The art history major in me always loves having something pretty to look at near by. I picked up this Gainsborough print at the Frick and love having it on my desk at work.

What's brightening your day? 


  1. happy one year anniversary! So happy for you! I love the part about the post, glad you liked it so much! I can't wait for you to get your gift in the mail :) miss you!

  2. Happy two year anniversary! You two are just too precious!

  3. Happy anniversary! You guys are adorable together!!

  4. awh yay! Happy anniversary, y'all are too cute!

  5. Happy anniversary! I'm obsessed with French Bulldogs - to the point that I have future names picked out and my friends make fun of me... I think I'm more excited to get one someday than to have kids.

  6. Happy anniversary, that is a great photo of the two of you :) That Gainsborough print is lovely...and has reminded me of all the prints I need to frame and hang out! I am notorious for buying prints and artwork and then never getting around to hanging them.

    jess | Quaintrelle

  7. happy Anniversary! It feels like yesterday you were first blogging about A. Naptime is brightening this beautiful Saturday for me! There is nothing quite like a sun nap!


    Erin @

  8. I didn't realize you and A had been together 2 years...congrats! That French bulldog is too cute and I love the Ronald story. Bryce and I are talking about getting a dog and I want a girl to name Millie....he wants a boy. I refer to Millie all the time, ha!