Wednesday, January 22, 2014

10 Funny Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I make an excellent tour guide at the Museum of Natural History. I know where everything is and have spent wayyy too much time reading all the signs.

2. I feel most comfortable in what I call "cute brunch" attire. Aka, jeans, flats and a cute top or sweater. I don't like overly dressing up (unless it's a sundress) or overly dressing down.

3. I have an irrational fear of cacti (cactus singular or however that goes). I watched an Are You Afraid of the Dark episode where a tarantula came out of a cactus and have been terrified ever since.

4. I'm a pretty decent cook. I haven't killed A yet so that's a plus right?

5. I actually read through every coffee table book I buy. I'm so full of random facts I could star on Jeopardy.

6. I "burrow" when I sleep. I sleep face down, very flat, under a pillow, like a groundhog.

7. I prefer to be cold over being hot.

8. My hair has about 4 layers of thickness to it when straightening. If I straighten or curl my hair, I usually watch a movie while doing it.

9. I send A funny texts, articles, and pictures throughout the day. Most of them are very, very random.

10. I memorized every breed of dog in the American Kennel Club when I was 10. To this day, I know them all. No really, try me!


  1. These are great! I know just about every breed in the American Kennel Club and it definitely comes in handy at parks - owners love when you know the breed of their semi-obscure dogchild. You'd probably beat me at an AKC challenge though!


  2. So funny, I was working on a similar post today! So jealous you know all the breeds, I always sound so stupid when I try to guess

  3. I'm with you on number 7 - I can't stand being hot!! And I've never actually been to the Museum of Natural History, but when I go, I'll definitely take you with me as my tour guide. Have a great evening!!

  4. I love all these fun facts!! I really love your idea of "brunch attire" and I couldn't agree more. I also know a ton of useless facts, but you never know when you may end up in the cash cab :)

  5. These facts are all so funny! Thanks for sharing them, this made a great post!


  6. I love this! Love getting to know other bloggers!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  7. What a fun post, and I love #10 that is truly unique!


  8. 9. is my favorite of course! there's nothing like a good random text from C :) keep your eyes peeled for some mail! ;) a package, of course