Monday, April 9, 2012

I wish I had A....

One of the best pieces of advice my mom ever gave me was to carry around a mini-bag filled with all those "darn I wish I had a..." type things.

First Aid:


Hand sanitizing spray 

A band aide or two 

Your medication of choice. 

Mini tampon pouch

Clothes Care

Tide to go pen 

Mini sewing kit 


Mini brush 

Hair tie

Yves Saint Laurent Concealor

A bright gloss

Lip balm

Hand cream 

And just for kicks...


Tip card for those of us mathematically challenged

Tic Tacs

Emergency Dove dark chocolate 



  1. Awesome list!!! I try to keep a lot of that stuff in my handbag. Band aid, lip gloss and stick, hand sanitizer, band aid....And now I also carry baby stuff! Particularly Sophie the giraffe! lol! Its a must in my bag!

  2. Love your list, I have the majority of it in my purse already but it's just kind of floating around in there! I'm going to look for a cute bag to put it all in! Happy Monday :)

  3. wow, i wouldn't of thought about some of those things

  4. Such a good idea! I have some of this stuff in a little pouch in my school bag, but I need to make one for my purse!

  5. I need a tip schedule always! I'm so bad at what amount is the right amount to give.

  6. I love this post! Emergency Dove chocolate - I like. And I love the pearls even more! I lost one of my real pearls last weekend and can't find it :(

  7. I love your list!! It's always important to have those back-ups! ;)

  8. I haven't been able to find those hair ties ANYWHERE! What brand are they/where did you find them?

  9. Definitely some amazing suggestions. I have also decided that I need to carry a mini hair brush because my hair gets SO tangled when I'm walking around campus!

  10. I actually have a little coach clutch for similar things! Mine definitely needs chocolate, pearls, and Tide to Go!