Thursday, July 24, 2014

Classic Piece- Birkin Bag

Let's keep running with the Hermes theme and move on to the Birkin. Growing up in the DC suburbs, I saw Birkins once in a while. Maybe once every month in half or two months I'd spot an older woman carrying one at Neiman Marcus. However, in NYC, I see one almost everyday. It's made my Birkin jealousy go through the roof! And who would think that Abercrombie & Fitch loving Kristen Cavallari would grow up to carry them so well?





The Birkin, ballet flat, blazer, bow and baby combo? Disgustingly perfect!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Classic Piece-Hermes Belt

Today's classic piece is a lust worthy object, the Hermes belt. If you watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you may have noticed that Yolanda Foster rocks one in just about every scene. Why? Because it's a bit of instant chic and glamour to perk up a casual look.





Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Classic Piece- the Striped Shirt

I have a really busy week at work so I thought I'd share a few posts I created awhile ago on classic pieces and those that wear them best. Hope you enjoy!
The first is the striped shirt. I wear striped shirts constantly, and they work all year long!

No one does a striped shirt better than Kate....





Pick up your own here!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

New York Apartment Style


After that super boring bathroom organization post yesterday, I thought I'd share some much more glamorous images today. I've been in love with interior designer, CeCe Thompson's, New York apartment for awhile now. CeCe works under the famed Bunny Williams and shares this fabulous apartment with her husband. I really admire seeing someone in their twenties put so much thought, glamour, and elegance into their home. Too much of this has become a loss art! Not to mention, her style is fabulous and combines her Texas roots with Manhattan style perfectly.





Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bathroom Organization

** Warning, very practical and adult-like post ahead, might be boring to some***

Living in an apartment can be hard (especially with a boy in a city), but it can have it's perks. One of those perks is that it really forces you to narrow down what you do and don't need, since there certainly isn't any room for anything extra.

I'm trying to organize section by section of our apartment, the first currently being the bathroom. We actually have a lot of storage space in there, and I'd like to store things in a way that looks both pretty and organized. A doesn't seem to get the make-up and Q-tips need to look pretty factor (must be a girl thing!). Ps: How hard is it for this only child to share a bathroom with a boy? Hard!

We have a very tall medicine cabinet that's perfect for products used everyday. I've become obsessed with New York medicine cabinets.

I love this idea for our big under the sink area. It has no shelves so being able to layer boxes filled with extra products on top of one another would be perfect.

Right now my hot hair tools are in a basket, but I think this would be a better fit. 

Our counter space is also limited and A does get annoyed when I crowd it with trays and things. So, I've decided to leave it fairly clear and keep my acrylic make-up organizer under the sink. 
We have a storage closet in the bathroom that has several shelves and doubles for both bathroom items like extra towels along with cleaning products. Thinking about picking up some items to help organize the towels.

And finally, one day I hope to have my own bathroom again so I have plenty space to leave and display things like this around.


Ps: I have the most gorgeous bathroom at my parent's house that depresses me all the time. I can literally watch TV while doing my hair. Counter space. Sigh. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Staples

Summer Essentials

The Little Dress...all I'm capable of wearing during my sweaty subway ride everyday.

Easy favorite sunscreen and gloss.

The Big Accessory.....exactly what you need with your simple subway dress or T-shirt.

The Glam Accessory....pick one during the Summer so you don't look overdone.

Jean Shorts......the perfect casual, preppy, edgy, stylish mix or match piece

White Tee.....jean shorts+white tee+big accessory= outfit

Tunics......wear with white jeans for work or breezy evening wear

Black bikini....always in style.

TB Millers....more comfortable than Jacks for walking miles in the city yet still casual and cute.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Recap

These Mondays sure do just pop up don't they? Or at least it seems that way after a great weekend! My best friend from UVA, AB, came to visit me this weekend, and we had the BEST time. She arrived on Friday night, and we headed to the Mondrian in SoHo. I'd been to their club before for a private party, and we had a friend hosting an event there. It's exactly what you picture a swanky NYC private club to be; dark, sexy, foggy, girls the size of my pinky, and overpriced drinks. But hey, you're only young once!

After a way too adventurous night for us, we ate a quiet breakfast outside at my local market before heading to the Met. AB had never been before and the art history nerd in me loved getting a chance to show her around and explain some of the works. Lots of pictures below!
Sitting on the Met steps 

Stopping in front of our favorite American exhibit 

Gorgeous ceilings

Medici pottery 


She found her knight in shining armor! 

European Painting Gallery-one of the my favorites at the Met
After our run at the Met, we met up with one of our other friends, FL, and she strolled with us down Madison and into Barney's. We had a great time creating wish lists in our heads. 


It was so wonderful getting to spend lots of quality time together, catch up, eat, and have a ton of fun. I miss her already!
Ps: Big shout out to this guy for being an excellent chaperone all weekend and bringing me the prettiest hydrangeas :)