Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fashionable Finds

Unfortunately, a new Ferragamo store opened up right near my office. Yikes. If I were to decide to treat myself, here are a few of my favorite finds:

A pair of jelly flip-flops that fulfill my three year old self's dreams.

Baby blue snakeskin heels

A wallet that could double as a Summer clutch

Or a comfy work wedge

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beach House Chic

Memorial day weekend officially announces Summer and beach season. Offices start to have Summer Fridays (or at least we do..woo hoo) and everyone heads out of the city to their respective destinations. For A and I, those destinations are frequently LBI or Rehoboth and this weekend, it's LBI. I'm looking forward to some hardcore relaxation and fresh seafood. If only I had my own retreat to decorate....

I'd make sure a field of hydrangeas were planted outside.

A stylish outdoor shower would be a necessity.

The kitchen could have some blue and white Portuguese tile. 
And some stylish pendants above ..
A nice open sun room could be the perfect spot for dinner parties.
A nautical gallery wall would lead up to the bedrooms.
Some blue & white D. Porthault linens in the bedroom couldn't hurt..

Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Recap

5 Things (because I like lists).

1) The Mad Men season finale aired last night, and I was pretty pleased with how the show ended. Each character had found a sense of peace and there were no extreme loose ends left hanging. I may have jumped up and down on my couch when Peggy and Stan admitted their love for one another. I also may have jumped up and down over Trudy's incredible getaway outfit.

2) Speaking of fun things to watch, anyone catch T-Swift's Bad Blood video? I just get excited whenever I see Gigi Hadid because her Mom is the one and only Yolanda Foster. 

3) Okay, now on to food. I finally checked out Claudette this weekend with my friend KR. I would describe it as a French Rosemary's.  The cheese was incredible. Like, melt in your mouth, tear worthy cheese. 

4) We did a little shopping, and I picked up this great dress at J.Crew. If you're petite, run, don't walk to grab it! The length is prefect and flattering for work or play. 

5) It's Monday and rainy, but this little guy should make you smile:

Friday, May 15, 2015

5 on Friday

1) Mad Men ends its run this Sunday night. Are you a Mad Men fan? A introduced me to the show when we first started dating, and I've been watching ever since.  We're both dying to know how the series will end and have come up with a few different theories. I'm loving these Mad Style posts. It's interesting to see how much symbolism can be attached to the characters' attire.

2) Have you seen this 150 best bars in America list? I was pleasantly surprised that I could check many off my list. What about you?

3) I picked up this tortoise clutch as my new Summer go-to. I love that it's casual enough to be worn with shorts yet dressy enough to wear to a wedding.

4) Make these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They're a little healthier than regular cookies and delicious - especially for breakfast.

5) It's Jack's season! Call me basic, but I've always found Jack Rogers to really be the most comfortable Summer sandal ever.