Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Trends to Watch for - Spring 2015

I am very, very over Winter. This Spring and Summer, I'm excited to partake in some shopping for my upcoming wedding shower and bachelorette party.  I'm trying to become more of a strategic shopper with age, so I did some "research" on Spring 2015 trends for direction on what I can pull from my closet and what I need to buy. I was pretty excited to see that many upcoming trends are basic preppy staples.

Spring 2015 Trends

I love a good shirtdress. It's such a classic piece that can be worn to work or play. Depending on your personal style, they can range from uber preppy to silky and sexy.

The preppy in me loves that gingham has returned. I like pairing it with jeans for a relaxed look.

Black, Blue, and White
I was obviously delighted that the fashion world is taking on my favorite color combination and adding black to it. So chic!

Polo Style Shirts
Who would have thought we would be seeing these on the runway again? I'm a still a firm believer in the power of a polo with jean shorts and Ray-Bans. Classic, preppy, and sexy.

Military Greens
Military green is the black or navy of Spring. You can pair it with anything. did that cute little bucket bag get in there?

One trend I hate? Culottes. I dare you to give me an example of a person they look good on.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Apartment Cleaning Tips

If I had all the time in the world and lived by myself, I would spend it cleaning and organizing. Yes, I'm fully aware I am neurotic and have a problem. As much as I love to clean and organize, keeping up with it can be difficult with a full-time job and social life. This came up at work, and one person mentioned that they just don't even know where to start. I don't really keep a "schedule," but this is pretty much what I do on a weekly basis.

Here's my typical week broken down:

  • Make bed
  • Unload dishwasher as needed 
  • Wipe down bathroom countertop and vacuum if it's a hair wash/ dry day (I'm a shedder)
  • Load dishwasher as needed
  • Take out trash as needed
  • Clean kitchen if used (wash dishes, wipe kitchen countertops, and vacuum)
  • Declutter entryway/living room 

Chore of the Day
Monday -  Vacuum and dust bedroom, declutter, change sheets.
Tuesday -  Kitchen deep clean - vacuum, toss out any old food, sanitize sink, wipe down kitchen countertops, vacuum/mop floor. I would like to point out that my kitchen is tiny and this takes 10 minutes.
Wednesday- Bathroom deep clean. Clean tub, sink, toilet, vacuum, throw away any old cosmetics, take out trash, wipe down mirror, wash towels and bath mats.
Thursday - Tidying up/ vacuum and dust living area
Friday - Nothing!

Laundry and tidying as needed

Pick a room or area to declutter! Whether it's cleaning out your closet, organizing that pesky drawer, or deep cleaning the fridge, you'll feel so accomplished when you complete these larger tasks.

3 Golden Rules
1) Wash dishes right after use - don't begin that sink pile trend.
2) Never throw clothes on the floor.
3) Have a tray or basket in clutter accumulating areas. Miscellaneous items can go in the basket and then once a month, clean it out.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Musings

Red Carpet 
Let's get right to the Oscars. Maybe I loved J.Lo's dress because it reminded me of some wedding dresses I tried on.  I actually do think this dress could be gorgeous for a wedding in an ivory shade with higher neckline!

I thought Gwyneth looked smokin'.

A has been considering a dark navy tux for the wedding, and I caught him spending some quality time on Alexander McQueen's website after seeing this look on Eddie Redmayne.

Go-To Look 
Friday night a posted a selfie of my go-to evening look before heading out to a friend's birthday. Going out in New York in the Winter is a fashion challenge. It's cold and at this point in my life, I would rather be comfortable than overly sexy. I'm old and engaged now so I figure I can wear a sweater to a club. When going out in the Winter, I stick to black J.Crew pixie pants (the exposed zipper gives them a flirty look), a sexy sweater (this one is by Karen Millen), and a fur vest for added warmth. If I'm running home for a quick change after work before heading out (which is frequent) I throw my hair into a high ponytail and call it a day.

Kaffe 1668

I met up with one of my girlfriends here Sunday afternoon for some coffee. A used to work across the street from the shop and introduced it to me a long time ago.  I've also always wanted to buy one of their many sheep, but they're actually quite expensive (for a wooden sheep that is).

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation 

Alert! New foundation discovery. I had been exclusively using tinted moisturizer for the last year, but with wedding events coming up, I wanted a more polished look. I read rave reviews about this product, and it does not disappoint. It provides a full coverage look that is still natural and great for professional photos.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Style Icon: Reese Witherspoon

I've always loved Reese Witherspoon's style. She mixes and matches classic staples with luxe accessories. Her preppy flare is also rare to find among celebrities.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wedding Wednesday Continued - On Finding the Shoes

Yesterday, I shared my wedding dress shopping experience. If you didn't read the post, here's a quick summary. I bought the first wedding dress I tried on.  Our consultant at the bridal shop told us that I would need to call as soon as possible with my exact wedding shoe heel height.

We strolled confidently across the street to Neiman Marcus. I mean, these were the three women who had just discovered the dress in under one hour. Well, well, who knew that wedding shoe shopping is not so easy. The 15 year old boy working there also didn't seem to understand the difference between "wedding shoes" and "stripper shoes."

These were my requirements:
1) Must have a four inch heel and should have a front platform for extra height and comfort. The shoes I tried my dress on with at the salon met these criteria and worked very well.
2) Must be off-white or champagne.
3) Must not be strappy or Summery looking.
4) May have glitter if done so in a very, very tasteful manner.
5) May have jewels if done so in a very, very tasteful manner.
6) Must not be patent leather or suede.
7) Must not have a bow.
8) Must not be lace or any other patterned fabric.
9) Probably shouldn't be Loubs (even though I love mine) since I find the red sole a little distracting in wedding pictures.
10) May be closed or open toe.

My top picks in the 48 hour wedding shoe search are below. Can you guess which pair I went with?





Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wedding Wednesday - On Finding the Dress

I've written and rewritten this blog post a million times. My superstitious Mom has threatened my life if I reveal anything about my dress. So don't worry, this blog post will not a reveal a thing about the dress only the experience.

Despite being a cynic and sure that I wasn't going to find the dress at my first appointment, I may have lost five pounds, done my hair and make-up, and worn pretty undergarments. You know, just in case. Plus, the above saying is true, Vera dresses are teeny tiny.

Anyways, we headed to Saks Jandel for any of you DC-based girls. The shop only carries four designers and upon walking in and seeing only about 20 dresses on display, I thought Saturday was definitely not going to be the day.

My Mom, the expert huntress, instantly spotted the dress. It was beautiful, and my Aunt and I agreed that we loved it. Our consultant smiled knowingly and mentioned that instincts usually prevail, and I should try that dress on first. She also noted that my Mother has excellent taste and the dress came from a very exclusive line. I would just like to say that this is very typical of my Mom. She walks in, doesn't even know which dresses belong to which lines, and just points to one in 30 seconds and says "that's it."

Our easy going consultant made the stripping down and climbing into dresses very comfortable by chatting with me about my fiance and wedding. The dress fit like a glove, and when I stepped out of the dressing room, she led me up to the stand, placed a veil over me, and the waterworks began to come from my Mom and Aunt. The dress was me in dress form. It was the best feeling in the entire world.  I did try on quite a few more dresses for fun but none even came close to the first.

A big thank you to our easy going consultant, my Mom for spotting the dress, and my Aunt for making it all possible. And to my dear dress, not seeing you for six months will be painful, and I can't wait until we meet again.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fashion Week

I respect a girl who dresses like it's 13 degrees for fashion week. You know why? Because it's 13 degrees and people should be wearing wearing weather appropriate clothing! I do not want to see your frostbitten toes. Old lady rant over.

This one is questionable, but I'll assume her sweater is warm. 

What were your fashion week favorites?