Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Caught My Eye

This adorable Instagram from Sail To Sable

A chic rainy day look from one of my favorite fashion blogs, Dallas Wardrobe

Louis Vuitton's New Ad Campaign for their Capucine line featuring Michelle Williams and that to die for nude bag! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Happenings

It was 70 degrees in NYC this weekend, and I could not have been happier! Even though we were out and about all weekend, I barely snapped any pictures because I was having a such a great time enjoying the weather and scenery. We started Saturday by meeting some friends for brunch at a new restaurant on the Upper East Side called Five Mile Stone. I could not recommend it more!  We split the burger and duck pastrami sliders which were incredible!

Five Mile Stone 
Afterwards, A and I walked off our meal by walking all the way down Lex towards Bloomingdales. We stopped in one of my favorite home stores, William-Wayne, Co. I love all their classic accents and you can snag some good deals on picture frames. 

Dessert Plates

I finally found a dress for an upcoming wedding at Bloomingdales. I love the color and lightweight fabric for Spring. 


On Sunday, we headed to Greenwich, CT to  A's aunt's home for an early Passover. We had a great time hanging out with his family and enjoying some delicious matzo ball soup and chocolate covered strawberries. My allergies are in full swing, however, and I'm trying my best to Benadrlyize myself through this week! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Favorite Restaurant-Mr. Chow's

Even though I'm always up for trying new restaurants in NYC, there are definitely a few that have my heart. A and I wanted to have a fun and romantic dinner this weekend. We decided to go with one of our favorites, Mr. Chow's.  Mr. Chow's is the perfect place for a NYC dinner that is swanky yet casual and cozy at the same time. We love the TriBeCa location and our favorite dishes include noodles, dumplings, and squab lettuce wraps to start, followed by fried duck, orange beef, and grilled lamb. The portions are served on small silver plates tapas style. You also really never order at Mr. Chow's, you simply tell the waiter what you like, and he will pick the items from the menu that suit your tastes.

I love the fact that the decor is very glamorous and the crowd is always very TriBeCa (aka models, celebrities, banker's wives etc), but the food is very comforting. It's a fun juxtaposition. A and I managed to snag some pictures together too.